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Mousse Cake Course | Level 2

Take your home baking to the next level and learn how to create stunning cakes with a professional finish. 

What you'll get

  • 35 In Depth Video Lessons
  • Most Wanted "Spider Effect" On The Cake
  • Most Wanted "Galaxy Effect" On The Cake
  • 2 Chocolate Mirror Glazed Recipes
  • 4 Unique Mousse Cakes
  • PDF recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Lifetime Access

This master class will have a much deeper knowledge and will contain 3 different and unique mousse cake recipes + 1 mini individual cake recipe. I will teach you 2 different techniques on how to create the most incredible “spiderweb” effect, and most wanted “galaxy glaze” on a cake. Moreover I will teach you 2 different techniques of creating a perfect chocolate mirror glaze. This class is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Note: this is not an entry level, you should know the basics of mousse cake creation, including a mirror glaze, alternatively you may watch my first “Entry Level” masterclass to begin

Mousse Cakes

“Chocolate Praline” Mousse Cake

  • Chocolate Genoise Sponge 
  • Hazelnut Chocolate mousse 
  • Praline Powder 
  • Crunchy Layer 
  • Creme Anglaise With Vanilla

“Red Velvet Dream”

  • Cream Cheese Mousse  
  • Moist Red Velvet Cake 
  • Red Velvet Balls
  • Cranberry Compote 


"Berry Burst Galaxy Cake"

  • Poppy seed Sponge
  • Raspberry Confit
  • Strawberry Ganache 
  • Blackberry Confit 
  • Wild Berry Mousse  


"Cherry & Pistachio Mini Cakes"

  • Pistachio Mousse  
  • Cherry Compote 
  • Vanilla Cherry Brownie Cake 

What you will Learn

  • 2 Different Mirror Glaze Recipes
  • 1 Caramel Mirror Glaze Recipe
  • Correct Cooking Process
  • Stabilisation
  • Ingredients and Colouring
  • Avoiding Bubbles
  • Understanding The Right Consistency
  • Correct Application To The Cake
  • Different Ways Of Application To The Cake
  • Possible Issues, Solutions & Recommendations
  • Lifting And Manoeuvring A Glazed Cake
  • Mounting On A Cake Board 
  • How to achieve Soft & Light Texture And Stability At The Same Time
  • 3 Unique Mousse Cakes